Classy, revisited

here are some tips that stood out to me when I re-read “Classy”

a few things to make sure you’re not doing in when invited to something…

1. Speaking too loudly. Use your inside voice.

2. Yawning or looking tired even if you are. Especially if you are.

3. A lady never puts make-up at the table.

4. a lady knows the only reason to be extremely late involves death – or at the least, lots of blood. If no ER is involved she is on time. 

5. a lady knows not to answer her phone at dinner, unless it’s urgent.

6. a lady has a strong, good handshake. even if she’s a princess, dresses like one or acts like one, a good grip is a must.


7. a lady, if she desires a designer item, will work hard and pay for the authentic version.

8. a lady, if she borrows, returns items promptly and in the same condition she received them.

9. a lady knows the most fun guest doesn’t have to be the most poorly behaved.

10. a lady doesn’t whine or complain.

11. a lady knows that a good time doesn’t have to be expensive.

12. a lady can fit in anywhere.

13. a lady doesn’t make maids cry.

14. a lady never texts or fiddles with her phone while at dinner or  while in a conversation with someone. no one likes talking to someone who is always on their phone.

15. a lady knows how to give a compliment and mean it.

16. a lady tips. Always

17. a lady is nice to waitresses, busboys and doormen. she knows to respect the service industry.

18.  a lady is careful with her words. even the nasty ones.

19. a lady believes in love. and doesn’t settle for less.

20. a lady knows a good boy promises a good future.

21. a lady has opinions and lets them be known freely at appropriate times.

22. a lady has a charitable heart.

happy monday!



One thought on “Classy, revisited

  1. Good table manners actually matter.Etiquette schools are making a killing teaching people how to eat hold a fork and chew with their mouths closed. Good table manners tell alot about your upbringing in certain circles the higher up the power chain you go the more important this becomes.

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