never make it alone

Here are some of the magazines I have been buying for years now. These were the ones I was able to find.

My Teen Vogue magazines. I’ve been buying them since high school. And even though I’m not a ‘teen’ anymore I don’t have the heart to stop buying them.

NYLON mag. My favourite magazine at the moment.

My copies of both American and British Vogue. I found that I often like British Vogue’s content more for some reason.

Here were random issues I purchased.

yeahugh, yeaugh, yeahugh….





Esra Røise

of the moment: Esra Røise (artist)

Esra makes these incredible illustrations. She is a freelance illustrator based in Oslo.

In terms of inspiration and subject matter, I have the same thought process as Esra does. I love pictures from blogs and magazines that’s where I usually get inspired to draw or paint something. She says she is “Inspired by seemingly small unimportant everyday situations, and snapshot photography with their impulsiveness, bad cropping and weird angles. People around me, the fashion industry, music, awkward moment and imperfections”.

Her clients include Nylon magazine(US & MX), Wallpaper*, VICE, United Airlines, Grafik, BabyBabyBaby, Design Week mag, Carl*s Cars, BY:Larm, Natt&Dag, D2/Dagens Naeringsliv and T-post to name a few.

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dude, where’s my phone?

This is a really cool website! It’s called “I can’t find my phone” and it really works.

It’s pretty self explanatory… if you can’t locate your phone, hope it isn’t on vibrate and go to this site!

check it out!


a pocket full ‘o’ sunshine

After starring in her first lead role in a film (Easy A), Emma Stone has shown how great a comedian she can be. It’s seems tough for pretty girls to ever be noticed for being a comedian first, but Stone has shone brighter than ever and is on the cover of Nylon magazines October 2010 issue


i will follow where you lead

It’s funny, I was just re-watching all my Gilmore Girls DVD sets, wishing for something like this to fill in all the questions I had. The series finale didn’t give me much closure to the show, it felt like there should have been more to the ending. I hope that this does come true. Me and my mom used to watch Gilmore Girls together all the time, it was our bonding time and a movie would just be icing on the frickin’ cake!

via: Nylon Blog